Ummah Helping Hands
    "Working together to bring a smile on peoples faces"

Ummah Helping Hands

Ummah Helping Hands is UK based registered charitable organisation working in Central Gujarat (in and around the city of Anand) where the plight of minority community has been obvious because of extreme proverty, lack of education, conflicts, prejudice and injustice. This situation was exacerbated periodically by commercial riots, ethnic clashes and floods that had rendered thousands of poor people, homeless and miserable. All this and more have deprived them of thire normal livelihood and stability.

While I was in India in 1997, I took some time out to investigate how we may help these families to the best of our ability in the poorer villages of this part of Gujarat with dense population of minorities. Some learned brothers in Anand helped me to start this charitable work and we set up an organisation to promote the welfare of these poor, big, uncared and uneducated families, who have no source of income and opportunity. This charity has been a drive to improve over all life aspect of these people with the kind support from respected locals who have helped to fulfil the following objectives. We take utmost care to reach right candidate to extend right help. We appreciate all those who have been part of this noble cause.

Over the past years (Our History) : Over the years thanks to our supporters, hard working staff and Volunteers, UHH were able to help the poor people in the Gujarat and Anand. We expanded our work to other villages in the Gujarat and Anand. We expanded our work to other villages in the area and during April 2010 to March 2011, UHH assisted almost 430 people due to donations totaling 1.67m Indian Rupees (app.£2300) The charities founder and chairman took time out of his busy schedule at his own personal expense. He was able to distribute small business loans to numerous individuals as well as overseeing progress. Last year, due to the grace and bounties of Allah (SWT) much help has been brought to those in dire need. There is however have much more still to do. For thousands of Muslims in the area poverty, disease, illiteracy and lack of economic opportunities frustrate not only individual ambitions, but also those of the societies in which they live in.

UHH not only provides financial support, but also provides HOPE to those most vulnerable in society; orphans, young girls, widows the elderly and the in firm. We ask Allah (SWT) that the next 12 months will allow us to help even more of those who require urgent need. We are deeply thankful and inspired by all our supporters who made possible for all the positive activities reflected in this review. We ask Allah to keep their nntentions sincere and to seek only for their reward. We are pleased to share the results of our collective efforts made in the past with the strong hope each of you will stay involved. Together Insha’allah we can bring change to these people's lives and their future. “Spend (in charity ) out of the sustenance that we have bestowed on you before that time when death will come to some one, and he shall say:”O my Lord! If only you would grant me reprieve for a little while, then I would give in charity, and be among the Righteous.”
(The Holy Quran, Surah Al-Munafiqun 63:10)