Ummah Helping Hands
    "Working together to bring a smile on peoples faces"

Our Work - Education

Education holds the key to breaking the cycle of poverty by providing a firm foundation on which an individual can build a secured future. Ummah Helping Hands provides a wide variety of approaches to education, including traditional schooling methods, specilised islamic education as well as higher education. This is one of the most important ingredients for success and development.

We help to provide school books, uniforms, school fees & tuition fees for children from the poor families. These students though are very intelligent but unable to pursue further education, because of financial problems. Ummah Helping Hands encourages them to continue their education by giving them moral & financial support to about 100 deserving students in courses such as medical, engineering & science.

A Story of Two Brothers
Adil and Safwaan are two very intelligent brothers who found it difficult to study after their fathers death. Through the community members, UHH fount out more about the two boys and were eager to help them progress. By the grace of our creator, Adil is now in his 2nd year of his diploma and Safwaan is now in year 12, studying science subjects. Likewise, UHH is helping many others in a similar situation. Sponsor Now!