Ummah Helping Hands
    "Working together to bring a smile on peoples faces"

Our Work - Health Care

Healthy people build healthy communities. Ummah Helping Hands provides health care facilities to poor in desperate situation and emergencies including financing surgical operation. It has established a hospital, clinics and a laboratory. It runs immunizations and health awarness program and supply medicines.

At present Ummah Helping Hands supports a Clinic, Faizan Maternity Hospital in the city of Anand where everyday 40 to 50 patients mostly from poor families of villages around Anand are treated at minimal cost. The hospital with 15 to 18 beds has been established with your generous donations and it runs successfully. Ummah Helping Hands supported the hospital in acquiring few shops adjoining the hospital to create additional facilities (i.e operating theatre, Pathological laboratories, extra beds, etc) in the hospital and will be able to serve our people better. This type of public hospital in this area is very essential for poor patients to escape from professional unnecessary and unreliable private medical practice network.

This year UHH helped poor patients who could not afford a basic cataract operations to gain their eyesight and carry on supporting themselves the best they can.


Please help us to bring the vision back to these deserving people and earn great reward.