Ummah Helping Hands
    "Working together to bring a smile on peoples faces"

Our Work - House Repairing Project

Ummah Helping Hands investigates the houses in poor villages which people live in and are in very bad conditions, such as having a badly leaking roof, temporary walls, etc and are barely liveable. Sleeping for these families is not a luxury, but is about survival through the rain storms and the heat. This year UHH wants to help these families to repair the houses with your help. One house costs around £400 to repair. UHH tries to help these families as much as we can with your support.

A Story of Ahmad
"My name is Ahmad and I have 8 people in my family. One of my daughter has got a mental illness. I have got a small business of selling tea on a tea cabin. After the 2002 riots I had to move my cabin to a different location as it was unsafe, and unfortunately my business had started to go down. I had a house that was in a very desperate state and in no condition to live in as the roof was leaking on an everyday basis. I decided to approach UHH and Alhumdulillah they were able to help. With their help the leaking has stopped as we now have got a metal sheet over our heads. Alhumdulillah with the blessings of Allah we are now able to live in our house comfortably."