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Our Work - Orphans

Like Widows orphans are also the weakest members of the society which are often forgotten about, ignored or disowned. Some intelligent orphans/poor students do not get any financial support to further their studies.

Education is a vital part of Islam and essential for the poor and wealthy. Education will enable orphans to be free from poverty and improve their situation for themselves and their families. The prophet encouraged the believers to remove themselves from the poverty due to its significant impact it had on faith.

Video below taken before the Project Started (taken in 2015)

Your Sponsor of £25 per month will fully cater for one orphan child for boarding, lodging, education, etc.

The chairman has met with these vulnerable girls many times who are waiting for your support.

Alhuda Orphanage & Education Centre (Vejalpur)
"Launched in September 2016 by Ummah Helping Hands"

Ummah Helping Hands have started a new project to construct an orphanage house and education centre. Al Huda Orphanage and Education centre will be an institute comprised of secular education and religious set up. This set up will be for both orphans and local children. The orphanage dormitory will be located on the top floor and will accommodate 50-60 orphans that are in desperate need of a loving caring home.

Where is the AlHuda Orphanage and Education Centre located?
The Orphanage house is located in Vejalpur, which is located 10 kilometres from Gothara and 70 kilometres from Vadodara in Gujarat-India. Vejalpur is a small deprived village with around 1,500 to 2,000 (55%) houses occupied by Muslims. Lives of the people here are below poverty and unfortunately full of illiteracy. Many families have the constant worry of where their next meal will be or how they will look after their siblings when they grow up.

The building was previously the only Muslim high school in Vejalpur which wasn’t able to continue due to a lack of funds. Thus, the children in Vejalpur were missing out on vital higher education. UHH made the decision to take on this new project as they could see the benefits and huge change the new project would bring to this poor deprived village.

As you can imagine, this is a huge task but one that we are looking forward to. With your help we will be able to home and educate young Muslim children and give them a bright future.

Why we need an Orphanage house?
When the mother or father of a child passes away as the family background is very poor, one of the relative takes the responsibility to look after such orphaned children which becomes an extra burden on them while the relatives themselves are poor. It is difficult for them to bring up these children religiously and academically and to maintain them with clothes, food, and basic needs.

Unfortunately the children also suffer from many types of abuse from the people looking after them and due to this they start working at a very young age. They lose out on their childhood and it becomes very hard for them to see a brighter future.

In connection of construction of building, purchase of plots, renovation of present building etc. We have spent Rs 265,000 so far. Our requirement for the said project is RS 60,000 - 70,000 for full running of the Orphanage. The Orphanage has a capacity to admit 50 orphans.

Alhamdulillah with the grace of Allah and your help Al Huda Orphanage project is nearly accomplished and after Ramadhan 2016 will plan to open. However, we have to raise and pay £45,000 to the contractor upon completeion. Its a golden opportunity to donate for yourself or on behalf of someone deceased as Sadaqah Jariyah.

Our Aim:

  • To give young orphans a loving and caring home
  • To give them a perfect upbringing
  • Provision of clean water, food and healthcare
  • Provision of appropriate clothing
  • To educate each of our children to the highest standard religiously and academically.
  • To allow them to reach their full potential & be a good role model when they leave, & be empowered to shape the world around them.
  • Help and guide them to their future goals and aims in life.
  • Give them the confidence to go out and achieve what they want in the current environment.
  • Help finance future studies

    We believe that these children deserve the quality that we desire for our own children. By contributing to this project you will help to empower future generations of orphans. Inshallah!

    We would kindly request all brothers and sisters to support this project by donating generously.

    Ways you can help
    £4000 donation which will construct one room to accommodate 6 orphans for life. Any amount more or less is welcome too.