Ummah Helping Hands
    "Working together to bring a smile on peoples faces"

Our Work - Self Reliance

Without the chance to earn a livelihood everyday becomes a struggle to survive. Poverty, lack of education & opportunities are the major reasons making it difficult to get two daily meals.

Ummah Helping Hands provides help to setup and run their own small business. We have assisted many individuals in starting their own small business over the years.

Ummah Helping Hands believes in helping people to help themselves out of poverty with stable and long-term solutions. Ummah Helping Hands Income Generation schemes are designed to allow individuals to translate their skills and business acumen to making a good living, which will support themselves and their families.

Ummah Helping Hands assisted unemployed male (head of households) with carts on which they can start a street vending business and stop begging and asking for assistance. Ladies with poor families are provided with sewing machines allowing them to start a business within their home or saving family money by doing their own repairs on clothing.

A story of a Rikshaw Driver
Yasin Bhai is a hard working rikshaw driver and the bread winner of a family. Yasin Bhai used to earn around 100-130 rupees a day. He used to run his house with this income (which consists of 11 people which are all women). He drove this rikshaw for years until it had become old. He started having problems with it as it was worn out and therefore ended up spending majority of his earnings trying to repair his rikshaw so he could try and provide for his familly, but after fixing the problems, at the end he was left with very little money. Ummah Helping Hands came forward to help by purchasing him a new rikshaw. By the grace of our creator, he is now able to provide for his family without the faults of the old worn out rikshaw. Ummah Helping Hands is also helping him with his other expenses, i.e marrying his daughters off and inshallah will continue to do so with your support.