Ummah Helping Hands
    "Working together to bring a smile on peoples faces"

Our Work - Widows

Ummah Helping Hands gives monthly allowances to elderly widows from the poor background who are struggling to survive. There are about 142 beneficiaries (from bhalej, sojitra, tarapur, mogar, bedva, kanjare, chikhodra, etc) getting monthly allowances from this organisation.

A Story of a Widow aided by UHH
"My name is Rukshana. I have been widowed for 13 years with 2 boys. At the time of my husbands death my sons were at a very young age, one only being 6 years old and the other 8. At the time it was very difficult for me to provide for my family being a woman in my village. This made it very difficult to survive with my 2 young boys. By the blessing of Allah, UHH noticed me in this state and there after aided me on a monthly basis and helped me with many others throughout our difficult time."